acromion of the scapula

acromion of the scapula


English-Croatian dictionary. 2013.

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  • spine of the scapula — n a projecting triangular bony process on the dorsal surface of the scapula that divides it obliquely into the area of origin of parts of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles and that terminates in the acromion …   Medical dictionary

  • Acromion — Bone: Acromion Plan of ossification of the scapula. Posterior side. From seven centers. (Acromion visible at upper left, in blue.) …   Wikipedia

  • Acromion — The projection of the scapula (the shoulder blade) that forms the point of the shoulder. The acromion is part of the scapula. It protrudes laterally (away from the midline) and is triangular in shape. The top of the shoulder is acromial. The word …   Medical dictionary

  • Scapula — The shoulder blade (or wingbone ), the familiar flat triangular bone at the back of the shoulder. The word scapula (with the accent on the first syllable) is Latin. The Romans always employed the plural scapulae , the shoulder blades. Because the …   Medical dictionary

  • Scapula — Infobox Bone Name = Scapula Latin = GraySubject = 50 GrayPage = 202 Caption = Caption2 = Posterior view of the thorax and shoulder girdle. (Scapula visible at either side.) Articulations = MeshName = Scapula MeshNumber = A02.835.232.087.783… …   Wikipedia

  • scapula — /skap yeuh leuh/, n., pl. scapulas, scapulae / lee /. 1. Anat. either of two flat, triangular bones, each forming the back part of a shoulder in humans; shoulder blade. See diags. under shoulder, skeleton. 2. Zool. a dorsal bone of the pectoral… …   Universalium

  • scapula — n.; pl. scapulas or scapulae the shoulder blade: a triangular bone, a pair of which form the back part of the shoulder girdle. The spine on its dorsal (back) surface ends at the acromion process at the top of the shoulder. This process turns… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • acromion — /əˈkroʊmiən/ (say uh krohmeeuhn) noun (plural acromia /əˈkroʊmiə/ (say uh krohmeeuh)) the outward end of the spine of the scapula or shoulderblade. Also, acromion process. {New Latin, from Greek akrōmion} –acromial, adjective …  

  • acromion — n. an oblong process at the top of the spine of the scapula, part of which articulates with the clavicle (collar bone) to form the acromioclavicular joint. Derivatives: acromial adj …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • acromion — acromial, adj. /euh kroh mee euhn/, n., pl. acromia / mee euh/. Anat. the outward end of the spine of the scapula or shoulder blade. See diag. under shoulder. [1605 15; < NL < Gk akrómion, equiv. to akro ACRO + óm(os) shoulder + ion n. suffix] *… …   Universalium

  • acromion — [ə krō′mē ən] n. [Gr akrōmion < akrōmia, point of the shoulder < akros (see ACRO ) + ōmos, the shoulder] the outer upper point of the shoulder blade, or scapula …   English World dictionary

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